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JUNE BLEICH, Founding Member


Dearest friends,

Firstly, thank you for all your love and prayers over the past two plus weeks.

Our Amanda is recovering beautifully, and assuming her check-up with her surgeon goes well Monday morning, she'll be returning to Florida on Tuesday. 

I've come to realize even more than I believed prior to Amanda's diagnosis, that the importance of our not-for-profit is tremendous. 

The following is a little something that I'd like to include on our website. I hope you agree...

Almost 45 years ago, my miracle named Amanda was born. Perfect in every way, she studied my face during her first nursing as though she was preparing for a facial recognition test. I spoke to her in an almost whisper : " I'll be there for you always and will never allow anything to happen to you.... " At the time, I believed that. As she grew older, I came to realize that what I thought I could control in her life was not possible. Unfortunately though, I never prepared myself for her breast cancer diagnosis.

Amanda was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer during a routine mammogram. Within 24 hours of her diagnosis, we had appts. with a breast surgeon and a plastic surgeon. Knowledge is empowerment and I knew we needed to have all our ducks in a row to make the wisest decisions for Amanda both medically and cosmetically. She was stoic, resilient and smart.

Amanda's lumpectomy was two days ago. She will require a bit of follow-up treatment, but her prognosis is excellent. She's recuperating at our family home with the company of mommy, daddy and our Molly and early next week will return to her residence in Sarasota, Florida.

" The Basic Six, Inc. " was completing the final stages of incorporation at the time of Amanda's diagnosis. Coincidence  -  perhaps .... I think it's more a continuance of the promise I made to her..... I will always be there for you.

We, " The Basic Six, Inc. " will be there for all who are in need of our services.....

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